In the early 60s, mid-western banjo man, Mike Theobald and his father Jack helped introduce bluegrass music to Kansas, as they formed Kansas’ first bluegrass band. The Theobalds’ produced several albums, appeared at major bluegrass festivals in the Midwest, including the first Walnut Valley Festival in 1972. They became regulars on the Winfield lineup for several years in the 70’s and 80’s. In more recent years, Mike and his wife, Vickie Lynn, have made Winfield appearances as part of the group Blue Plate Special, and again in 2001 and 2007 as part of  Kansas Heart.
Mike has appeared on many radio & TV programs, including the Nashville Network. Mike’s “day job” has been in radio, having worked at one of the top country stations in the Midwest for almost 30 years, and now is a full time member of the team, for a relatively new traditional Country station, serving all of South Central Kansas and Northern Oklahoma, called Real American Country, KWLS 107.9.


Ranger Stan Greer learned to play mandolin and guitar at an early age. His parents used to tune up their instruments, put them on the bed, then tell the Greer Brothers, “We’ll be back in five or six hours; don’t touch those instruments.” By high school, Ranger Stan and his brother, Banjo Phil, were playing regular gigs on the banquet circuit in their hometown in Southern Illinois.  Then the boys found a bass player, formed The Dubious Brothers, and spent five years playing at Silver Dollar City.

Ranger Stan plays regularly with the Prairie Rose Rangers at the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper near Benton, KS He also plays in a local cowboy band, The Home Rangers, plus a couple of other bands. At age 58, Ranger Stan suddenly realized that he’d left Banjo Phil behind thirty years ago in Missouri, so he started learning to play the banjo.  The Ranger’s day job is teaching math and science. When Mike was looking for a superstar cowboy singer for a sidekick, he was looking for somebody who was pretty good who would work for nothing. Ranger Stan is the biggest good-for-nothing he could find.