• 6-1-14 Mike and The Ranger Multiple Segments

    6-1-14 Mike and The Ranger Multiple Segments0

    Welcome back bluegrass lovers! This week we feature The Haunted Windchimes and a local and rising group called Calamity Cubes. We are always looking for new acts and love to hear them. Remember, if you have a band you’d like to submit just go to mikeandtheranger.com and go to resources tab and submit a band or album.

  • Haunted Windchimes

    Haunted Windchimes0

    Out of Colorado, comes a traditional folk roots music group called the Haunted Windchimes. This group is very interesting. They capture an old timey sound with their simple arrangements and haunting melodies, but the songs are brand new. Hmmm, I wonder, could I have uncovered the secret of why they named their band in such

  • Balsam Range’s new album, “Five”

    Balsam Range’s new album, “Five”0

    You’d might suspect that a band with the accolades and awards that they have earned in such a short time may have ran its course. Not so with Balsam Range. Their previous bluegrass blockbuster album “Papertown” topped the charts for months. Well no fear, Balsam Range is ready to treat Balsam Nation with another album