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Balsam Range’s new album, “Five”

You’d might suspect that a band with the accolades and awards that they have earned in such a short

time may have ran its course. Not so with Balsam Range. Their previous bluegrass blockbuster album

“Papertown” topped the charts for months.

Well no fear, Balsam Range is ready to treat Balsam

balsalm_range-256-1024x773Nation with another album of fine harmony, interesting themes, and solid instrumentation called

“Five” due for release June 17th. Some tunes of note include their treatment of the John Denver

classic “Mathew”, while at the same time laying down some solid bluegrass and tight harmony in a

tune entitled “Don’t Watch These Tears”. Much that will please, from another fine album by Balsam

Range. Members include Tim Surrett, Buddy Melton, Caleb Smith, Darren Nicholson, and Marc Pruett.

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