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Detour “Going Nowhere Fast”

It’s out…Detour’s  sophomore project…Going Nowhere Fast…and an excellent project It is too.  On Bluegrass and More Radio Show, the Ranger and I have been featuring the first single for several weeks called  “Too Blue To Have the Blues”.  Along with that little ditty, there’s a bunch of great tunes including a tune I use to play on a pop radio station by Johnny Nash called “I Can See Clearly Now”.   Lead vocalist, Missy Armstrong does the song right with plenty of feeling…not too precious and not too overboard.  Peter Knufer, who I’ve actually jammed with a couple of times here on the plains of Kansas, is one of the best fiddlers in the country…it’s that fusion of Jazz and Bluegrass.   Finally…when a new band member makes an appearance, you make comparisons whether fair or not to the previous player…but with new banjo player, Lloyd Douglas, they haven’t missed a step…very creative and fits in perfectly.  If you want to get a copy, I see that it can now be downloaded on ITunes and Google Play.


Detour Website: www.detourbluegrass.comGoingNowhereFast Album


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