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The Bankesters, “Love has Wheels”

When you choose music to play on your radio show and you find something new that really moves your internal music meter, and then you realize, that this album could go places and make some noise on the charts. When it actually does, that’s the fun part, at least for us, here at Mike and The Bankesters-Fan-FestRanger. Last fall, the Ranger and I, on Bluegrass and More, started playing a cut from the Bankesters new album “Love Has Wheels”. The selection we always gravitated to was “(Cups) When I’m Gone”. Of course, with all the music to which we’re exposed, you know it’s got some clout, when it makes it to your playlist, on your personal mp3 player. So, let the fun begin, just this week, the Bankesters won the 13th annual Independent Music Award for Best Bluegrass Album for their debut Compass Release, “Love Has Wheels”. Not only is radio airplay significant for the title song, but also for (Cups) When I’m Gone”. Tah Duh, I like it.

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