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Trinity River Band “Better Than Blue”

One of the really cool things about Bluegrass Music is the predominance of “family bands”. It was true from the very better than bluebeginning, Bill and Charlie Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, the Osborne Brothers, Jim and Jesse to the more recent family bands on the scene like Flatt Lonesome, The Bankesters, The Stevens Family, and the list goes on of bands born from a family unit. From those family bands, comes the very best in harmony vocals and tight instrumentation and very much is the case from the just released album on Orange Blossom Records by the Trinity River Band out of Florida. The group includes Mike Harris on Guitar, Lisa Harris Bass, Josh Harris playing Banjo and Dobro , Brianna Harris on Fiddle, and Sarah Harris on Mandolin. Whether it’s the easy flowing tempo of “Jacob’s Ladder” or a hard driving tune like “Jacob’s Ladder”, their close family harmony shines through. Trinity River Band and their album “Better Than Blue” just released and ready for your listening pleasure.

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