The Perfect Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Song

Just for fun…and I’m easily entertained…I did an informal survey of song titles from the Mike and the Ranger Bluegrass and More music library. First, judging from the words of those song titles, there is no doubt where bluegrass music originated…wasn’t on the plains of Kansas or the corn fields of Nebraska . Not surprisingly, the top states named in our little survey were Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and Carolina. Other very popular words in song titles include “Girl” “Day” and “Night” followed closely by “River”, “Heaven”, ”Creek” and “Hills”. So if someone wanted to write the perfect Bluegrass and old time music song, it would need to have these top 10 Bluegrass words prominent in the lyrics.  Something like, “I looked for my Carolina girl night and day…around every creek, valley and hill…I even asked Bill okay?… wasn’t in Virginia or Tennessee …she just left me here at river’s edge a wondering why…so…when I’m done fishing and have to pee. I’ll go home and see if she’s waiting for me.”  Ok…it sucks…and probably not the perfect Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Song…but it’s a thought starter for all you professional lyric writers out there in Bluegrass World.  I’ll be listening.

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