New Albums

Breaking Grass, “Raining in Virginia”

Here’s a band to watch. They’re out of the great State of Mississippi and their name is Breaking Grass. They just released the title single from their new upcoming album called “Raining in Virginia”, which we’ve just started playing on Bluegrass and More, with Mike and the Ranger.

The album, which is number 3 for the boys, is supposed to be chock full of original material. I first got introduced to Breaking Grassthe band through their second project “Running With the Moon”. It was fresh and hard driving, so I’m betting this next one will be even better. Band members include Cody Farrar on guitar; Tyler White on fiddle; Thelton Vanderford on banjo; Zach Wooten on mandolin; and Britt Sheffield on bass. I do have one question. Since the band is based out of Mississippi, why didn’t they title it “Raining in Mississippi”? Probably, there’s some unwritten bluegrass law that says if you write bluegrass tunes, you have to have one at least about Virginia. Nonetheless, watch for the album “Raining in Virginia” by ”Breaking Grass” due for release early this Summer on the Mountain Fever Record label.