New Albums

Dolly Parton Blue Smoke



I just received an advance copy of 4 of the bluegrass tracks on Dolly Parton’s new album BLUE SMOKE, set for release in the U.S. May 13, 2014.  It should be another Dolly masterpiece. She says “On this CD I think there are all of the colors of my life in all areas of music that you’ve allowed me to dabble in through the years.”  Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers guest on separate cuts, so I’m guessing it to be a diversified musical collection. One of those areas she mentions of course is Bluegrass, and the 4 tracks we’ve heard so far are superb.  They are not in the same “in the pocket” groove of her previous full collection of bluegrass CD called THE GRASS IS BLUE , but it doesn’t matter.  Though the instrumentation is extended to include tasteful drums and a harmonica or two, vocals are right on and heartfelt as only Dolly can do.  Of the four advance Bluegrass Tracks, one of my favorites and the best version I’ve ever heard of this folk classic, is “Banks of the Ohio”, and the clever way she presents the song.