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4-20-14 Mike and The Ranger

Did you miss this weeks show. Keep your chin up! It’s here for you to satisfy your listening enjoyment over and over and over and over…

New Albums

Nickel Creek, A Dotted Line

Is it rock? Yeah. Is it pop? Yeah. Is it bluegrass? Sorta kinda.  Is it good? Definitely.It’s the latest release from the California group Nickel Creek, “A DOTTED LINE”. They started as a bluegrass band, consisting of the musical trio of Chris Thile, Sara Watkins and brother Sean Watkins, but as many of their recent albums have demonstrated, this is a band that is impossible to put a label on.

Does the bluegrass thing still exist in their latest album “A Dotted Line”?  Well…not if you judge it by tunes such as “Hayloft”. Not even close to bluegrass, but still…fun to listen to. On the other hand, the “21st of MAY” and “ELSIE” are examples of where the bluegrass influenced tight harmonies and the acoustic power from a mandolin, fiddle and guitar shine through. Nickel Creek’s “A DOTTED LINE”, will not necessarily satisfy your bluegrass taste buds, but it’s pretty dang good from this old banjo player’s perspective.