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6-1-14 Mike and The Ranger Multiple Segments

Welcome back bluegrass lovers! This week we feature The Haunted Windchimes and a local and rising group called Calamity Cubes. We are always looking for new acts and love to hear them. Remember, if you have a band you’d like to submit just go to and go to resources tab and submit a band or album. Thanks for listening!

Also in this weeks show;

Balsam Range – Moon Over Memphis, Mark Newton/Steve Thomas – Painted Lady, Alison Krauss –But You Know I love You, The Missy Werner Band – If I Fall, Alison Brown – Under the Five Wire, Darrell Webb – The Ferry Man, Dolly Parton – Blue Smoke, Gibson Brothers – Buy A Ring Find A Preacher, The Hillbenders – Past the Point of Rescue, Josh Williams – Cherokee shuffle, Daily and Vincent – Back to Hancock County, Irene Kelly – Rattlesnake Rattler, Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys – Walk of Life, Jesse Baker – follow the Leader, John Bowman – God’s Not Dead, Joel Mabus – Billy in the Lowground, Johnny Staats – I Know You Rider, Dale Ann Bradley – Somewhere South of Crazy, Breakin Grass – Raining in Virginia, Driven – The Way, The Haunted Windchimes – Don’t Take My Baby Away, Darren Nicholson – Like My Dog, Steeldrivers – Wearin a Hole, Junior Sisk and Radio Ramblers – Story of the Day That I Died, Calamity Cubes – Never Had It, Stevens Family – City of Gold, Dave Adkins – Pike County Jail, The Steel Wheels – Walk Away, Davidson Brothers – Driving into the Storm, Boxcars – Don’t Fall I Love With A Girl Like That, Blue Highway – Dogtown

New Albums

Haunted Windchimes

Out of Colorado, comes a traditional folk roots music group called the Haunted Windchimes. This group is very interesting. They capture Haunted Wind Chimes2an old timey sound with their simple arrangements and haunting melodies, but the songs are brand new. Hmmm, I wonder, could I have uncovered the secret of why they named their band in such a manner? A wind chime, according to Webster, is defined as an arrangement of metal, glass or shell pieces suspended by strings that create a pleasing bell like sound when subjected to a breeze. Similarly, the Haunted Windchimes could be defined as an arrangement of 5 unique individuals joined together with strings and close harmonies, creating a pleasing sound that is soulful and yes, haunting. Who are they? Desirae Garcia is on ukulele, Chela Lujan on banjo, Inaiah Lujan on guitar, Mike Clark on harmonica, guitar, and mandolin, and Sean Fanning on standup bass. As near as we can tell, they have a total of 4 albums including their latest called “Out With The Crow”. Check it out. The Haunted Windchimes will be performing in the Wichita area, home base for Mike and the Ranger, on June 6th at the Cotillion.